Monday, February 2, 2009

A rainbow superbowl

My friend Annie has channeled a series of messages from the angels about diet. Not diet in the commercial/cookie cutter sense, but rather how to feel and look good in a healthy way. About the same time she was receiving these messages, so was I. Mine were the same yet different. (& mine were for me while hers were to be shared) We are of course all different. So everyone would do well to listen to their own bodies, as well as follow some similar angel advice on rainbow foods, white foods (not sugar and flour)... Annie will be on my radio show on Thur. Feb. 12 talking in detail about this angel way of eating. She also is sharing it on her blog (although, her computer has been ill lately). I'm blessed to have friends who understand my food allergies. So last night at their house we had a veritable feast of angel approved food. There were multiple rainbows (homemade mango salsa, salad, avocado dip...) and there was plenty of white food requirements, too (fish, chicken, walnuts...). And everyone was happy and full. And this morning I feel good. That's the reason you may want to take a peek at this 'diet'. In my experience, it leaves you full of energy, clear, and, well, healthy!


  1. And Annie's food is always so yummy as well.

  2. I'm going grocery shopping today - the angel way! :)