Saturday, February 14, 2009

Was it a fairy?...

I'm convinced that my little american eskimo dog, shaya, is really a fairy prince incarnated into a canine form this lifetime to be with me. There are always fairies dancing around him. He exudes such unconditional love that it can be overwhelming in a blessed way. Every now and then he has a peculiar sneezing fit. Multiple sneezes. Powerful sneezes. It's really a comedy show when it occurs. You just have to laugh at him. Over and over again he sneezes making more noise than a small dog should be making. The other piece of the spectacle is that because he is so close to the ground he hits his head on the floor on the downward force of each sneeze. Poor puppy needs to learn to lift his head...or move to a softer location below. So I have to say...who else but a fairy. I really believe one (or two...) fly up his nose to cause this display. After all, what other explanation can there possibly be?! This coming Thur at 3 p.m EST on my radio show I'll be bringing through many other fairy charms, nature spirit messages and over all, well, joyful tidings & readings, too!


  1. The winter faeries are especially active now in our realm ... for they will soon be returning to their hallowed realm of the Underworld (and sending their replacement - the lighter Sprites of Summer to torment us with warming Folly).

    I love. love. love the faeries! And - yeah - I can see that in that sweet little Shaya-mush-mush-pupper-do-lovie-mushie-mush-mush!!!

    (sorry ... for some it's babies ... for me, the the pupper-dos!)

  2. awwww.. poor lil shaya!!! maybe he needs a sneezing pillow!!!

  3. *giggle* you will have tape it for You Tube!

  4. I look forward to your show. How blessed Shaya is to be surrounded (and filled) with faeries. A sneezing pillow might be a good idea.