Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bad neighbors

This morning I was up early at 6:30 and once again saw my neighbor's dog huddled outside their back door. The dog is a brown poodle mix of some sort, medium-size-ish. Certainly not a hardy outdoor dog. The temp this morning is 20 here, but the wind chill on this mountain is so cold, raven, who likes to wander came right back in after doing her business. Then as I was watching out my kitchen window their dog moved from the back door to the picture window, stood up on its hind legs and looked pleadingly (okay I couldn't see his/her face...but I'm sure it was) into the window. Everyone next door appeared to still be abed so that poor puppy had to have been out all night.


  1. ooh that is just the saddest thing!!! poor poor puppy!!!!

  2. Grrrr. I have a neighbor who leaves her kitties out in all weather *and* at night. Needless to say, she been through several cats over the years. Makes me crazy.

  3. Bad, bad neighbor! That poor dog.