Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Random Things about me

While I'm still figuring out the "facebook" thing, I was tagged to write 25 random things about myself. I thought I'd share:

1. I love to and can waterski on one ski.
2. While I can enjoy all kinds of different music, I love 80's rock music the most.
3. Spelling is not one of my strengths.
4. My whole being is always longing for warm weather.
5. I talk to fairies.
6. "But why is the rum gone?" is one of my favorite movie quotes.
7. "Nothing else matters" by metallica is my wedding song.
8. Some of my favorite people have 4 paws.
9. I inherited my ability to dance well from my mother.
10. I bore easily.
11. I've been using medicine cards almost daily for almost 20 years.
12. I am an attorney.
13. Practical Magic is my favorite movie.
14. I have food allergies.
15. Walking my dogs is a most sacred act.
16. Pasta has always been my favorite dish.
17. I have 5 cats.
18. I have the yin/yang of dogs. Black/white, small/big, male/female....
19. I cherish my friends.
20. I love to read a good romance by nora roberts.
21. I once attended a meditation done by ted andrews in irish brogue...he had me at hello!
22. Sunshine heals my soul.
23. I make herbal remedies for myself and my family.
24. My goal is to find a perfect balance of all the things I love to do.
25. I believe everything happens for a reason and it's always getting better!

What are some random things about you?


  1. i think its bizarre we have the same bug and we haven't been anywhere near each other!!! feel better soon!!!!

  2. I knew you were awesome but 'Nothing Else Matters' as a wedding song puts you over the top!!!!!!!

  3. I always knew you were awesome but 'Nothing Else Matters' as a wedding song puts you over the top!!!!!!