Monday, February 23, 2009

Rampage of appreciation

Rampage of appreciation is a phrase used in the teachings of abraham as brought forward by Esther Hicks. Today I woke up feeling that I needed to go on one (how about you? What are you grateful for?). So here goes: I am grateful for so many things in my life. A husband to share life with, two sons that keep me guessing, my animals who I could not live without. I'm grateful for so many wonderful and thoughtful friends and the gifts that we share. I love my home (especially now that I had the time and energy to clean it yesterday!) and the nature that surrounds it. I'm grateful to be able to do this holistic work I'm meant to do and be of service. I'm grateful to The Purple Rose and to all that have been drawn through our doors. I'm grateful for my partner Annie, how we work so well together, complementing each other in a way (as she likes to say) that allows each other's light to shine. I'm grateful for the amazing internet forums to connect with all of you including our new radio show which debuted last night! I'm grateful that the winds (that began to affect my on line connection) didn't pick up last night until after the show was over!! I'm grateful for my ability to connect with the other side and to all the unseen helpers who are always guiding me (even on the days my connection wavers). My goddess girl jeep, of course. My health and well being, my healing work, all of life's simple pleasures and my ability to wake up each day and enjoy them!