Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Raven's World-8

Not too long ago I saw a comic strip that posed the question, "what are dogs really saying when they bark?" Then you saw two dogs with the words, "hey, hey, hey..." streaming out of their mouths. So I asked Raven what dogs are really saying to each other...and other animals, too.
(do you have a question for her?)

Here's what she said:
"We (animals) communicate purely through vibration. We each have our own unique sound or call. It is the sound vibration of it that can change depending upon what we're communicating. We are able to read each other's sound vibration. We do not use words as you do. Although we can recognize the vibration of the words that you use. It's about reading your energy, or the frequency of the sounds you're using with us. That's why if you say our name and you're excited, our tails wag. If you say our name and you're disappointed with us, our head may fall. It's the same name, but it's the way you've said it that we are able to read. You could also talk gibberish, but be excited about it and our tail would wag, too. Because it's your vibration we are reading."


  1. ive been reading a book on channeling... it said much the very same thing!!!! go raven!!!!

  2. Ask Raven why when my cat poops in my laundry and I tell him not to do it ever again he doesn't listen. That is a pretty strong NO vibration I am sending out I think.

  3. Raven thanks you, Spirit, for your question. She says that your cat does hear you but is not listening to you b/c there's something the cat is trying to say to you. (that you are not hearing)...Raven says that there was something that occurred or changed in the household right before this behavior you remember what that might be?