Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Raven's World-9

Thank you so much for your question last week. If you have questions for Raven, just leave a comment. She'll be sure to answer them in her following Wed. column.

Here's what she has to say today:

"Last week you asked about your individual animal. (see Raven's World-8 comment #3) You told us about his (or her) unusual behavior that was unacceptable to you. You posed a great question when you wondered how your cat is not reading your vibration of displeasure. The truth is that he is. But he's ignoring it. Because what he's trying to tell you is more important. There's always a reason behind a new or unusual behavior. It is always a message for you. Because you don't seem to be listening to us. We have to do something that will be sure to capture your attention. Then you get annoyed with our behavior and still miss the fact that we have an important message for you. So the original message could be a health concern you're ignoring, or a family issue that needs addressing. Look to the behavior itself for clues. Look to the location in the house that it's occurring. Always seek vet attention just in case. Ask yourself what changes in your home or family occured right before the behavior began. In your particular case, I'm compelled to ask you, "How's the energy of your home?" (or perhaps..."who's energetically defecating where you live?)"


  1. Raven has quite a way with words...who knew?!

  2. Thank you Raven. I, infact do know the source of all unpleasantness. It was the addition of a new cat. He is a rather busy and loves to "play" with the other cats. I realize that they do not like the new interloper. However, what am I going to do? Turn him out? To the farm where he came from where the 60 plus cats were cannibalizing eachother. I recently did a cleansing in the room (my bedroom) in which the behavior occurs most. Also the new hallway mudroom. It is intermittent but now includes my other cat as well. I understand them when they tell me they do not like to share me. I am the one who loves them the most. I am the one that children and cats alike fight to lap sit with. But I do not know how to make them understand. Go figure. Tell Raven I said thanks and any further information is always appreciated. Blessings. B