Monday, May 4, 2009

Tower theme

As you may have read from my prior blog posts (ie. love...), every now and then a theme will emerge from my reading practice. A variety of beautiful clients come in for readings, and I find myself saying to them same thing from spirit. Lately the theme has been, 'boy, is the ***t really hitting the fan!' Many are finding that not only is our economy, etc. in chaos mode, but the chaos is infiltrating relationships, home life, and immediate community as well. It's like the tower card in tarot that often depicts lightning striking the top of the tower and the tower falling. It will show people falling out the windows of the tower. And the image can be a metaphor for how many are feeling now. They keep falling behind over teakettle and wonder when it's going to stop. And those of you who know tarot, know that the tower has to fall when it is built on a faulty foundation. Then it is rebuilt on solid ground instead. So that's what spirit is saying, that the old must fall away for the new to be rebuilt. Our structures are outmoded and don't fit anymore. The problem is that because sometimes the old is all we know we fear this change. So we resist. And that just makes things worse. For relationships, spirit points out that your loved ones are 'kindly' reflecting for you all of the old patterns within YOU that need to be acknowledged, healed, loved and shifted. So that you are no longer living from patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that no longer serve you. Over the course of your life, one or more of these phenomena take place from time to time. The problem right now is that the energies are speeding up and it's all happening at the same time. And we are overwhelmed. Spirit understands this. The guides and angels want us to keep an eye to the bigger picture. To the new tower of our life that will be stronger. So you understand the purpose of it all. And do your best to stay grounded, centered and open to the future possibilities that are so bright, they assure us.


  1. wonderful post -- thank you for sharing! :-)

  2. The s@%^ hit the fan months ago and flew to Arizona. We have been rebuilding foundations since. They are much healthier now. Yeah!