Sunday, May 10, 2009

Awareness & a special day

For those of you who have reason to celebrate or be celebrated today I wish you a happy mother's day. In my work I come across many people who find this day to be difficult and sometimes painful. In all the hype they are often forgotten. The ones perhaps who did not have such a good mom. Some moms are abusive or neglectful. The ones who may have lost their mom. Or lost a child. The ones who may not be able to have a child. There are so many out there who are in situations or relationships that may be struggling. And today can be a reminder of that struggle. So it is today I honor all.

These are some ideas we are going to explore further tonight on our radio show (from 6-7 pm est). Our topic is the divine feminine and we will be offering live on-air readings to callers, too!

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  1. Yes, today I honor all women because in some way we are all mothers. Many blessings to you this day!