Monday, May 25, 2009

"Debt" perception

Right before last night's radio show on manifesting Spirit gave me an exercise to share with my listeners. It sounds a bit crazy. But it's about changing the way we perceive things. So in general we view debt as 'bad' and a lot of income as 'good'. So for one day Spirit challenges us to view it in the opposite way. So, mucho debt becomes a good thing. And lots of income becomes a bad thing. Turn our usual perceptions on their head. So if you're one of those people who have a lot of debt, for one day you celebrate this. If you are someone who's not pulling in a lot of dinero right now, this you celebrate, too. Spirit says that if we find peace with whatever we're making (or not making). And then we stop seeing our in-debt-edness as a horrible thing we'll be able to increase our flow of abundance. Helping us to achieve that debt forgiveness, too, that they talked about in my last post. The really cool thing is that after mentioning this challenge on the show last night, a woman in chat shared that she had gotten the same idea a while back and she is now debt free!!!