Tuesday, May 19, 2009


You know what I'd love to see represented in our culture?! An elder woman's face! I'd love to see her face in Hollywood, in magazines, the media, on tv. I'd love for us to honor the elder female with all her wrinkles, spots and grey hair. We talked about the divine female on our radio show on Mother's Day (see archives) but we didn't have time to talk about this aspect. Which is one of my greatest pet peeves. All of us seem to strive for a youthful beauty. Some even under the knife. It has become our culture's definition of 'beauty' for women. Does anyone realize it's an unattainable goal since we all do age. We of course all age in our own way. Some gracefully and some looking a bit weathered from all the challenges we've surmounted. But each beautiful. You know who I think has one of the most beautiful faces? Maya Angelou. I've admired her since I read one of her first books back in school. Her face is pure and it's inspiring. It shows the wisdom and the strength that she owns for all she has had to walk through. This concept speaks to a greater devalue of the female aspect in our culture. If only we could honor each of us for our own uniqueness through every stage of our lives.


  1. beautiful thoughts... 'honor each of our uniqueness...' that's very powerful.


  2. This idea *and* action is central to the Women's Herbal Conference every year. We honor our elders there. We sing and dance and celebrate the divine feminine with them, and they with us.

    As it is, so shall it be.

  3. Amen!
    I look at older women (and men) and think wow, what character is written in those lines and gray hairs. I embrace mine as they come - I've earned them. I just wish the media would follow suit and stop making people feel less than what they are - beautiful!