Saturday, May 23, 2009

Debt forgiveness

In preparing for our radio show sun. night (6pm est) on manifesting, I had a thought. What if as part of the bail out of the banks, we included the condition of debt forgiveness for some. What if the individual or family or small business who is using credit cards to survive, for instance, got some relief. Instead of the companies taking the bail out money AND jacking up interest rates into the 20s out of greed. Thereby kicking 'us' when we're down. (and while I'm on the topic, what if those in charge of gas hikes didn't screw us this summer?) What if those struggling to pay the mortgage because of loss of a job that they had for 20 years got a year off or something (forgiven, so to speak). A period of 'grace'. So that they can find their footing again. Spirit let me have my rant. Then they gently came in and suggested I think about the term 'debt forgiveness'. "Isn't that what you all need." They said. "For yourselves. Why don't you start with forgiving yourself for wherever you are. For whatever you did or had to do to get there. Instead you blame yourselves. We hear you. Over and over again you beat yourself up for where you are. For this 'debt'. You hold yourselves (and each other) 'accountable' to the point where it takes its toll on you in other ways. Health manifestations. Family break ups. And most important you hold yourself cut off from source. From love. From which abundance flows. Source is all forgiving."


  1. who wouldn't want debt forgivenss??? i say, bring it on...if the govt is willing to bail out the banks, then bail out the people, too.

    and crack down on the crazy interest rate on credit cards, already. ya know???