Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Channeled Message Pt.2 ~ "Control"

Here is part two of the channeled message from the Guides & Angels.  It is a really interesting perspective on the concept of control!!! Check it out:

"We see so many of you fighting to stay in "control"...of your lives, of your children, of your job, of your circumstances...  You fight and you fight with all that you have.  We need to be the ones to tell you that this does not work.  You know this don't you?  No matter how hard you fight the circumstances still spin out of control anyway.  This is because this fight comes from your ego.  And the "control" of the ego is merely an illusion.  It is from a lower limited perspective.  We think it would be great fun for you to find a different kind of "control".  A balance of energy.  Keep your Solar Plexus strong within you.  This is the higher seat of your power.  But remember to keep the Solar Plexus still in balance with all the other energy centers.  Find faith, prayer, God, or connection to your Higher Self (whatever that is for you) through your Crown Center.  All of your energy centers staying in balance.  Then you will really be in control of your life, but in a whole new way.  It will be a complete Surrender!  Surrender to the flow of your energy and the flow of your life.  Live in conjunction with your intuition, knowing it will always lead you to exactly what you need to experience.  We want you to get it right.  Ego blocks flow and that flow is vital to your health and well being.  The greatest irony is that in order to be in control, you must completely surrender to experience Oneness with your Higher Self." 

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