Saturday, October 4, 2014


The following is a channeled message from the Angels:

"Age is never a factor.  We are here to tell you that you do not have to get old.  Your age is a number of your own creation.  All you ever are is now.  The truth is that you may create whatever you want.  Why are you continuing to create the idea of "old age".  "Time" on your planet is (hu)man-made.  It is not Real.  It is part of the illusion you buy into because this is what you have always done.  It is what you have learned from others.  In this new energy of Awakening, vitality, health and well being are available to you at any age.  It is all a result of your beliefs.  You have been under the false belief that you must age (and suffer) in order to pass into the Light.  We are here with you now to show you there is another way.  We are reminding you that you do not have to age or suffer.  You can just cross when it is right for you, when it is your time.  But first you would have to let go of the fears you all hold so close to you when it comes to dying.  You would need to remember you do not in fact die.  You are very much alive whether you are in body or floating along the ether of evermore.  You can release your physicality just as easily as you turn off a light switch in a room.  There is a joy in life in body.  There is also much joy in shedding it.  It was only ever about joy and swimming in it.  When you resist your joy, when you resist your pre-planned exit you spend your time creating seas and rivers of disease and pain.  You are not aging, my friends, you are living!  Always!"

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