Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Raven's World-231

Have you been noticing the inter species interaction lately?  I have seen so many different species of animals getting along on videos posted on facebook.  The following are only some:  tiger and a puppy playing, mother dog nursing kittens, tiger and a man hugging, dog and a dolphin playing, dog and a deer playing, dog and a catfish playing in the water, a cat nursing baby chicks, and finally a grizzly bear being best friends with a wolf.

I knew as I was watching these appear day after day on my fb newsfeed there had to be a message coming through!!!  I tuned in and they had an important wake up call for us.  Here is the message from the Animal Kingdom:


We have been showing you a lot lately inter species intermingling wondering if you are going to get it.  Do you see and feel the significance of this behavior yet?  Your social media is filled with the "predators" and the "prey" getting along with one another.  This is in an effort to wake you up.  We are ONE.  Even those of us you have labeled predator and prey.  We don't see each other as different.  We are all from the same source.  We are one family, one race.  We implore you to recognize this.  You have misinterpreted our survival instincts and behaviors in the past.  We have an agreement with each other.  There is an understanding among us that some will venture forth to serve as food (fuel) for others.  It is all divinely orchestrated and planned out.  We honor the kill in this way.  You do not.  No longer can you use us as an excuse to harm, maim and kill one another for sport, or from fear and greed.  This is not the same.  You see your neighbor as different from you.  You justify your deplorable behavior and your wars from this position of separation.  It is all a figment of your mind.  You must remember that we are all one."

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