Monday, February 17, 2014

New channeled message!~Fulfillment

I know it's been a while since I brought something forward for you from Spirit.  But I am finally settling into my new space and my new routine.  So, here is part one from the Angels/Guides... ( Part 2 should come later in the week!):

"Everything that happens in your life is a reflection of what is needed.  It is a reflection of you.  Each change is what is needed.  You may not like what you are seeing.  So many humans feel that they must "label" these as good or bad.  In truth what is occurring is a neutral vibration responding to your frequency/energy.  But when you use so many negative "labels" to describe what is happening around you and to you, you end up holding yourself apart from the purpose of it all.  Instead of saying, "This is bad", ask, "Why?".  Why is this here before me.  Why did this come in.  What is it here to show me.  What is it reflecting.  What is it I need to see, learn, grow, do, change...  Then the energy begins to shift, automatically!!  Instead of pronouncing a negative label causing stagnation, you are opening yourself to other possibilities.  We are reflecting to you as we access your vibration.  We read your energy and send you in every moment exactly what you need for you to reach fulfillment of your soul purpose.  So that you can become fully who you are meant to be!"

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