Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Raven's World-24

Welcome to Wed's with Raven. Here's what she'd like to share today:

"Times are a-changin'. Life is a merry-go-round. We (your animal companions) watch as some of you spin round and round. Going nowhere. Resisting the new energy. The new way of being more in alignment with who you truly are. Not understanding that you can step off the ride at anytime. Step off, and get on a more pleasant ride. Perhaps a water rapid ride. It's quicker and it takes you somewhere... as long as you go with the flow!"


  1. Oh I love this! As a newcomer to your blog, I love how Raven is taking us to task for being "resistant" and rather dense! Yes, it is time to wake up! Thank you Raven for reminding us!

    Lovely blog. I love your goal of getting every flower known to (wo)man! I'm right with you!

    Blessings! diantha

  2. Welcome Diantha!!! Our animals view us through loving eyes. Most of us our a bit resistant to change! :)