Monday, June 22, 2009

Brighter colors

A friend of mine recently said, "Have you noticed that the colors this Spring seem brighter?" And I'm so grateful for her words because I was unable to articulate myself this same thing that I was seeing, too. This was in reference to the landscape, the foliage, the flowers...all seem more intense somehow. For me it has been a challenging spring, too. Some losses, some pain, some extra worries. But what I've noticed is that the colors just keep getting brighter and brighter. Not just in the landscape but in the people around me. And within myself. Like I am seeing it all in a whole new way. Finding light in places I never thought to look before. Purely and without judgment. I've become so keenly grateful for the simple things, too. Which also keep getting more intense in 'color'. So I'm grateful for all that I've walked through because it has led me to use the eyes that I now have. And I think that's what these planetary shifts are all about in finding true peace.

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