Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blessed rain

I can hear all of our new plantings and old plantings soaking up this drink of rain they're getting this morning. And I'm very grateful to mother nature. With a fairly shallow well, I can't always give them all they need from the tap. Hubby gets a break with the rain, too, which he really needs. This being his busy season is true to form as he's been wicked busy. Which is good but for the toll it can take on his body. And Salem is on the mend. They removed his drain yesterday and it all looks good. He has more freedom of movement now but must remain indoors until all the stitches are removed in a couple of weeks. I know you don't know salem but keeping him indoors is no small feat. He's sneaky and very vocal about all these injustices. And raven who is of course a star now that you all enjoy her wed. columns, has decided the rain is a good reason to go back to bed. Our bed. Complete with her head on hubby's pillow

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  1. I'm glad Salem is doing better. Enjoy the beautiful rainy day.