Thursday, June 4, 2009

Once bitten...but not shy

Salem should be coming home today from his stay at the vet. Salem is my fiercest hunter cat. He has brought down snakes, chipmonks, birds, moles, a large rat, mice, full grown name a few. He's a pretty small guy for his ability. We acquired Salem when as a wee kitten and out of nowhere he walked out of our woods, climbed up the side of my hubby and perched up on his shoulder. A couple days ago he came out on the not-so-winning side of a battle. We found a large puncture wound to his chest. He kept us up all night tue trying to grab him up. He won that battle making his way to the back of son's closet. The unreachable part of the closet. Yesterday morning we drew him out and the vet fixed him up despite all his protestations. And when he comes home today I expect that the drain in the wound and the cone on his head will just further piss him off. Not to mention the obvious need that he remain inside for quite some time.


  1. Ya know ... I feel for Salem ... and I feel for YOU!

    May the healing be swift and ... uneventful!

  2. ouch... poor salem. what a metaphor... and a message...