Friday, June 5, 2009

Fear or love...what will we choose?

I enjoy using Doreen Virtue's 'Daily Guidance from your Angels' book which contains 365 messages from the angels. I'll open to a page at 'random' and see what it has to say to me. I recently opened to page 222 (the angel number for not giving up before the miracle happens) and found a message on healing anger. Doreen/the angels write, "When fiery emotions threaten the sanctity of your relationships, remember that love is always in your midst. Anger can be used as a tool for increasing fear or love, depending on your decision. If you build a case against another person, you erect walls to protect yourself from feeling emotions. Love's approach removes all barriers..." I started to think of how often we do that. Something goes array in a relationship and immediately we think of all the reasons the other person is wrong. We form judgments about that other person looking at them from our own limited perspective. And if we're intuitive we think that we know the whole of someone when perhaps we're only seeing a certain piece through our own lens or filter. And I was thinking back to my more prominent lawyer days when all we did was build cases against people as a matter of course. No wonder it was such a contested system with little room for compromise.

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