Sunday, June 7, 2009

Picture perfect day

Yesterday was a picture perfect day. I accompanied hubby in the morning down to the wholesale nursery that he gets to go to because he's a professional landscaper. It's really one of my favorite places on earth. And is bringing me closer to my ultimate goal of having at least one of every flower known to (wo)man. I brought home some new friends from our trip, namely, hibiscus (rose mallow), beard-tongue for my hummer friends, and some royal candles, too. Then I took the dogs for a trek, sat in the sunshine, weeded the gardens and with hubby doing the digging planted our new friends. And for the icing on the cool cake of a day, in-laws took us out for dinner at the outback (which has one of the only gluten-free menus in the state). I really want to get to herbfest one of these years, but I needed a day in my yard. Tonight, I hope you'll join me in welcoming Jess Steinman to Discovering Nature's Spirit (6-7 pm EST) as a guest. Jess is a good friend and an amazing medium. We will discuss connecting to our loved ones on the other side and offer readings to callers! The really cool thing is that Jess hosts a show on, too. Hers is at 5 and is called Spirit Whispers. So you can listen for two great hours if you so choose!

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