Friday, April 24, 2009

In honor of Tara

Today marks the two year anniversary of the passing of my beloved purple rose cat, Tara. Here's her story:

For those of you who knew Tara, our Purple Rose store cat, and for those of you who didn’t, I want to take some time to share with you her story.

I met Tara two years ago as I was hanging out our Purple Rose flag. She was making her way across my parking lot without the use of her back legs. She had just been struck crossing Route 44 by a vehicle of some sort. With the help of a neighbor, I made my way with her to my wonderful, kindhearted friend and vet, Dr. Nashe. He indicated that Tara (who told me her name on the way to the vet) had suffered a shattered hip and a broken pelvis. He said there was nothing medically we could do for her. Knowing that I would want to do what was best for her, Dr. Nashe suggested I keep her confined in one room at home. We needed to watch to see if her nerves started functioning again and if she could make normal bodily functions.

Tara had a strong will to live so I knew I could not give up on her. My husband and I kept her isolated in our spare room (although my little cat Willow would sneak in when we opened the door, and she and Tara would talk through the closed door, too). With nothing more than love, good wishes and some Reiki, Tara healed herself completely and after a few months was able to walk normally again.

Once we knew that she was on the mend, my husband and I had further tests done and we discovered that she was positive for feline leukemia. Dr. Nashe warned us that she could not live at home with our other four cats or they would risk being infected, also. So the idea was born to try and keep her at The Purple Rose. My husband was really concerned about what a cat could do to our inventory here. But, I made a deal with her about how we could keep her safe and loved and we never had a problem with any inventory items!!

Many of you looked for the cat when you came into the store. You know how shy and scared she was at first (and for quite some time) of us humans. No one believed we really had a cat because she kept hidden all the time. But as time went on she would come out more and more. You would often find her overhead up in the rafters of our barn building watching the readings, classes and store events with an eagle eye. Many of you were amazed that she could climb up the beams and jump across the rafters not even knowing how far she had come with her legs. You could often look up in the cupola from outside the store and see her looking back at you!

Nothing was sweeter for me then when she let me touch her and hold her. She would spend parts of the day curled up on my lap playing with my necklaces. She even started joining our classes and readings up in the loft on my lap or wandering around everyone.

I know she touched the hearts of many of you. It’s for sure that she’s touched mine. She reminds us of the miracles that exist everyday that only need a little love to bring into being.

Yesterday April 24, 2007, she lost her earthly life to leukemia. She was beautiful, brave and amazing right to her last breath. I’m so blessed to have had her with me these past two years. I’d like to thank all of you who cared so deeply. She keeps telling me from the other side that she’s happy and free and still climbing our rafters!

Laura Rose
Spring Issue 2008 of The Door Opener

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  1. She was an amazing furry spirit ... still is, eh? ((hugs))