Monday, April 13, 2009

Double strand(ed)

Last Monday I wrote how my son's car was broken. Now a week later both sons' cars are broken. So it was with gratitude that we approach this week ahead knowing it is a week off from school. All we have to shuffle everyone to are work obligations instead of school and work. My poor Goddess Girl Jeep is suffering the most in all this. Last night I discovered that a son burned a cigarette hole in the roof of my beautiful GGJ. (despite the no-smoking allowed edict) And when I asked who,what,how,when...I discovered that it must have been done by my mysterious third son, "I danno".


  1. Those third mysterious sons are the worst, eh?

  2. And we give and give to our children. You will be blessed! right?

  3. Hey, your third son lives at my house to, pesky little bugger.