Thursday, April 23, 2009

China or herbs...

Good beautiful morning to everyone. Just a couple of hours ago it was pouring. Now the sun is shining bright and Raven is reminding me that a walk is in order today. Yesterday I spent considerable time reorganizing my herbs. I've been dabbling in herbalism for a while now and have decided it's time to embrace it more fully as who I am and the healing role they play in my (and my family's) life. I've recently made a couple of tinctures for myself using actual herb blends and synergistic principles that have really helped for what they were intended. I've been growing herbs in my garden and drying them for years now (both for cooking and medicine). So for said reorganization and re-prioritizing of my green friends all I was missing was space. I glanced up at my china cabinet. Remembering fondly how excited I was when first married to fill it with my pretty pattern and flute glasses. And I realized I just don't care anymore about such things. I moved the dishes into the kitchen cabinets because we have a big family and we could use the extra plates. (no more paper plates for our tree friends) And apothecary cabinet was born. So my herbs, medicines, flower essences, oils, jars, etc all have a new happy (and organized) home.

Speaking of herbs and such things, my friend Rose has a wonderful show called In the Garden. It airs today and every thur. at 11:30 on


  1. i love playing with my herbs and making medicines..but i need a place to organize too...never thought of the china cabinet

  2. You have a calming presence. Thank you for that. I enjoy your blog.