Friday, April 3, 2009

Bold & flippant animals

Last night a friend shared with me a story about a chipmunk taunting her dog through the sliding glass door on her back deck. And it reminded me of a couple of days ago. I was sitting outside enjoying the warm sunny weather. One of my cats, Merlin, was on our front stairs watching a squirrel that was on our fence. Merlin started to get into position (to spring for attack) and the squirrel just simply jumped from the fence to a tree. The squirrel climbed up the trunk of the tree and onto a branch. Obviously now far enough away to be safe. Then that squirrel turned around and looked at Merlin who was still watching from the stairs. The squirrel stared at Merlin for quite some time from his high perch on the branch and I swear that squirrel said something like, "Ha, Ha, 'loser', you can't catch me!"

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