Sunday, April 26, 2009

Celebrate nature

I cannot help but feel like celebrating the warm sunny, summer like weather we are having! What a treat. And what a wonderful segway into our topic this evening on our radio show (6 pm est). There are spirits that reside throughout nature. They've been known by many names in many cultures. Some call them faeries, some the wee folk. Whatever they are called they are the guardians of all things in the natural world. They are here for many a purpose but to help us lighten up and enjoy the world around us is paramount. Tune in tonight to learn more and have some fun! We will do live on-air readings, too! (call in 718-664-6906) You can sign into blogtalkradio and join us in chat. Or listen on archives if you miss a show.


  1. Sorry I missed the show! I got way involved in a project and it was 6:54 when I remembers. I'll catch up in archives. :)