Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Raven's World-77

Welcome to Raven's World! I'm so excited that her 77th post just happens to fall on July 7 (7/7)!!! Now that is wicked cool! Here's what she would like to share today on behalf of the Animal Kingdom:

"We have spoken of this before. (refer back to Raven's World-74 ) You have turned away from the Mother. In so doing your compassion is lost. It is within the heart that your answers lie. Love and compassion are energies that emanate from the Mother. The Divine Mother. The Mother of us All. You have put value in different aspects in your culture like status and power. These aspects can lead to greed and disregard causing you to trample on the hearts of others and your own heart, too, to get to where you think you need to go. But when you get there you find you are alone and you gaze out at the destruction around you. Of each other, of our planet. Do not wait that long before you awaken. We must honor the Mother within All."

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