Thursday, July 1, 2010

Divine timing dream

Funny thing. I had a dream last night that I was writing on my blog today about divine timing. While I don't remember everything I wrote in the dream, I do remember the gist. We all are pretty familiar by now with the law of attraction. Ask or set your intention and the universe brings it to you. As long as your energy matches with what it is that you are seeking. Usually, the latter part is the rub for many of us. If you are human, your energy can be all over the map. Especially lately. So finding joy and gratitude wherever you can can help you match up with your dreams. And grounding, centering and reconnecting to source can also keep you on track in times of chaos. But there's one more piece that not everyone touches on. The phenomena of 'diving timing'. Sometimes you can do everything right and still not see what you are seeking to manifest. Then it is all about the higher perspective of your life. Your higher self and those who guide you see the whole picture. And their job is to bring to you the best of what you are dreaming about at the best time for you. So please have patience and keep the faith!


  1. great to find this tonight as i try to wait patiently for things to flow into my life. when i allow myself to stay with the bigger picture, things are magical and i see with the eyes of the angels. when i become stuck over petty things as i am human, i lose sight of the whole story and picture of how my life is flowing with the universe. thanks fro the kind and gentle reminder.

  2. Lynn, may the Angels bless you in the most amazing ways!