Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flowers, magick and hummingbirds

Sometimes awareness takes a while. But I say it's never too late. If the red dye stuff is harmful to us, and especially to our children (many believe food dyes are linked to ADHD, autism...), then how can it be healthy for our feathered friends? So I've got to ask, why do we put red dye in the sugar solution that we share with hummingbirds? (If you google this subject you'll find many who agree with me) So, the Sharon Audubon Society recommends cooking 4 parts water to 1 part sugar. Boil it 'til sugar dissolves. After it cools, it'll work just fine. In fact at my feeder there were fights over the new solution! And the hummers didn't appear to mind the non red color! Obviously, having flowers around are the best food for hummers. And then if you believe in a little bit of magick you can ask yourself, how did the flowers from the window box end up growing in the yard?

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  1. The spirit of plants have legs, of this I am certain. And a powerful *will* to do as they please. I often have things growing where I did not plant them … and some seem to pick up and move from one location to another ~ roots and all.

    It's one of those patterns in Nature that reminds me that strength of Will is as valuable and powerful as strength of surrender and trust - of Spirit.

    Merry summer. Enjoy.