Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Raven's World-74

On Sunday evening I was a guest on Jess Steinman's show, In Touch with Spirit. Jess mentioned that she enjoyed reading the Raven's World column here on my blog and wondered if I asked the animal kingdom through Raven what they wanted to share about the oil spill. I had to admit that I had not. As an empath the spill and what it does to the earth and its inhabitants in far too painful for me to focus on. I send healing, blessings and prayers but don't tune in that much to the news stuff. So as we were talking Sunday evening I felt Raven come in and share that it is a wake up call for us humans. After the show I asked her if she had more to share and here's what she said:
"It's your wake up call. You must ask yourselves what is "fueling" this spill. Your technology was never meant to be used to harm the planet. The dis-harm-ony is fueled by your dis-connection to all that is. To the ancestors of all time. To the winged ones, the four leggeds, the creepy crawlies and the ones with fins and gills. The ocean is the mother of us all. Yet you continue to dis-honor Mother Earth and so you need big catastrophes to re-align your hearts as one."

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