Saturday, November 7, 2009

Love and money

Over the years offering readings, love and money have been the two most common subjects that everyone wants to know about. Lately, however, I cannot help but notice the pain attached to these topics for so many clients. So many people in transition, in chaos, in places they never expected to find themselves. And yet the Angels are assuring everyone that it's okay. That everything is alright. Many are birthing through to a new better place. But the birth itself tends to be painful. Nurturing yourself back into your own connection with Spirit in whatever form that takes for you is the best way to ease through.


  1. They *are* common themes in reading ... as for the pain folks invite and feel ... my sense is that it comes from the connection that is tied - often with countless knots - to the very perceptions and beliefs that folks accept without challenge and that bind them to the very distress they claim as outward made.

  2. Aww. It's my goal in life to return to seeing things 'thru the eyes of a child...'


    Peace & Hugs to you & Raven.