Friday, November 20, 2009

A bear, oh my...

Yesterday on my way to work I almost hit a bear. I was driving around a corner and out of the woods comes a very large black bear at a good rate of speed. He (thank the goddess) hesitated when he saw my jeep. Turned and went back into the woods. phew! I noticed he had two tags already adorning his ears so apparently the dep has decided he has been trouble enough. It is not my first bear sighting. We have had them at our home before. We used to have a steel flag pole in the front yard and we hung a bird feeder on it. The bear that day bent the steel to get to the feed. And back when The Purple Rose was in Canton, we had a baby bear show up at the picnic table outside. Even got a pic of little yogi waiting for his picnic basket! Being the aware new ager that I am, when I got back home last night I asked the bear whether there was a message. A female bear stepped forward as if looking for her cubs. She got me wondering if when they relocate these bears whether they make sure they are not separating the mothers from their cubs.

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