Sunday, August 23, 2009

Be careful what you wish for!!!

Summer seems to be so busy. Computer time falls by the way side as there are so many activities that involve fresh air and sunshine. And sons are busy, too. So, I was saying to the universe just the other day, "I'd like to spend more time with sons". Shortly thereafter, one son's car breaks. And shortly thereafter that, other son's car actually catches fire. Thankfully it was a small fire underneath the car that quickly put itself out. Hubby said it had to do with a vacuum leak, oil, the heat and the highway and blah blah (*mechanic speak here*) which he fixed up for son. But son is so freaked, he had his buddy take him to work last night...and low and behold...buddy's car breaks down, too. Not that I think I'm that powerful, but perhaps next time I'm speaking to the universe I'll use many more qualifiers to my requests...such as 'safely', 'conveniently', 'inexpensively' etc. Which reminds me about something I learned in Sedona about the Vortex energy. Dennis Andres writes in his book, "What is a Vortex?", that vortexes are amplifiers or magnifiers when it comes to manifestation. He talks about a client of his who wanted to see a tarantula while she was visiting Arizona. He advised her to be careful b/c what you think gets amplified so you want to add "safely" to that request b/c it will happen. And it did. She saw one on a trail but it was a baby and no threat! I did get to spend more time with sons including at least one awesome family dinner. Now I wish them through the universe, safe travels!
Don't forget "Discovering Nature's Spirit" radio show tonight at 6 pm (EST) where the angels have quite a bit to share. Even, angel readings for you if you'd like to call in (718-664-6906)! Next Sunday will be the last Sunday evening for our show. Beginning in September, we're moving to Monday evenings from 7-8 pm (EST) for everyone's convenience.

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