Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Psychic Reading

Last night on Discovering Nature's Spirit radio show, I discussed receiving a psychic reading. I want to make sure everyone understands that when a psychic offers a reading, he/she is reading energy only. At best there's an accuracy rate of about 80-85%. And that is at best, because as I just said it's just energy. Then you have to take into account the particular ability of the particular psychic. Is she/he reputable, ethical, compassionate, and how clear is the psychic's channel because his/her own stuff can static up their line to Spirit. I'm disturbed to realize that many people who receive readings take the words of the psychic as gospel. I beg you to take what the psychic says and then filter it through your own intuition and common sense. Does what they are saying resonate with you? If not, dismiss what they have said. Period. Despite what anyone claims, predictions of the future are never set in stone. All a psychic can do is read energy NOW. Because that is the only time that really exists. Perhaps Spirit can show us a likely course of events for the future if everything stays as it is now. But you always have free will to make changes. You can change your mindset, your beliefs, your actions, your energy...and so can everyone else involved. And that can change the future. You are in control of your own life. You are co-creating it with the Divine. Do not give that power away to a psychic. And on last night's show, one of our callers asked me about a relationship. Then she shared with me that she had had a reading from another show previously. And that host/psychic was very judgmental and harsh when answering the same question. I'm am here to tell you that the Angels are pure unconditional love. It was not the Angels that the other psychic was bringing through. If the reading you are receiving is not in love, do not accept it. And please do not take those unloving words to heart. Spirit is love. And so are you. Nothing else is true.

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