Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Energetic understanding!

Last night's radio show guest was Robin Clare who owns Enlightened Professionals. We discussed many things but one topic that was of particular interest to me was 'dimensions'. I know a lot of clients and fellow healers are all experiencing important shifts of energy. And some days the energy is flowing and we are in light and all is well. And then sometimes, not so much. And Robin talked about the dimensions in a way that was clear and easy to understand. So the shift that is taking place right now is a shift from the third to the forth and then to the fifth dimension. The third dimension I like to call the 'victim' dimension. Robin explains that the 3rd dimension is where most of our population is. It is the energy of 'everything is done to me'. This is the place where fear runs rampant and emotionally charged ego reactions abound. And people feel 'persecuted' by others and situations outside of themselves. Then we have the forth dimension where most of us lightworkers spend most of our time. I like to call this dimension the 'creator' dimension. And Robin explains it is from this place we understand we are the creators of our own life experience. This is the dimension where we start to recognize synchronicities and explore spiritual awareness. The Earth shifts at this time are bringing us to the fifth dimension. This is the 'heaven on earth' place. I like to call it the 'light' dimension. Where we are able to bring forth more light. I have personally come to experience the fifth dimension through my work. And most specifically through the Lightarian offerings we have been doing at The Purple Rose. What can be frustrating and confusing for most of us is that we are tending to move back and forth between the dimensions. Because not everyone in our lives is all at the same vibration. And most of us are not strongly rooted in the fifth, yet. But as Robin explained last night, we do not stay in the third as long. And the more we heal ourselves and feed our spirit, the easier the energy will be to allow. And even though 'stuff' continues to happen in our lives, we can react from a different place which smooths it out so much quicker.


  1. I love it! Where can I learn more about this topic?

  2. thank you, makes perfect sense as to what i am experiencing in my life these last few months.