Friday, January 27, 2012

Important message from the Angels!

"The space in between where you stand and where you wish to be is a magickal place indeed. First we ask you to surrender. We ask you to let go of the trapeze bar you cling to so tightly. We need you to release where you are especially if it is not working. Or you will stay hanging there from that bar. As you make the jump to the next trapeze bar, as you release the 'known' (even if it seems a comfortable place for you), know that we are with you. We will never let you fall! Your negative voice will try to trick you in doubt and fear. The negative voice will tell you that you will fall. It will even try to convince you that you are falling. But you are not. You cannot fall. That is why we are here..... We hold that space for you when you let go. The negative voice will try to convince you that the in between space (between trapeze bars) is an empty space. An empty void. Remember what you believe you create. What you will find instead if you ask us to help you quiet that voice is a place of power. The in between is a magickal point of creation! A power point. Faith takes you to the next trapeze bar quicker. And the next... And the next.... And the next... We think it would be so much better for you if you would let us help you relax so you could enjoy the ride!" More on Monday night's Discovering Nature's Spirit radio show!!!

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