Monday, January 30, 2012

"Whole-ly" Eating

Recently the Angels came through with some eating guidance for raising your vibration and ascension as we move forward at this time. (See prior 'Vegan Considerations' post)

The Angels are now adding two new food concepts to their recipe for eating "lighter". First, as you assemble your plate make sure the the amount of vegetables or fruits is much larger than anything else. So if you are doing veggies and rice, make sure that you are eating mostly veggies with a touch of rice. (and the farther away from the whites--ie. white rice, the better, too) Or, if you are really brave....just the veggies!

The second concept is to eat "whole-ly". Follow the individual food itself back to its whole. So for instance, I enjoy quinoa pasta because I'm eating gluten free. They want me to eat the actual quinoa instead. (and then eat it in accordance with concept #1 above!!!!) Any processing they say is taking away light/life force energy from the food.

The Angels say that it is the synergy of all the natural components of our food that brings health and well being. They don't recommend one food or herb over another. They say that water is like white contains all the spectrum of colors you need. It is not one isolated component but rather the "whole" of the food. "Light" is your fuel. You need the "whole" spectrum of light through your diet. You are a myriad of swirling light!

So we want our portions to have the most light and also the most nutrients. The Angels say the color energy of each fruit or vegetable is important.

The Angels want you to give yourself a break, too. Listen to your body, listen to your Angels, and love yourself wherever you currently are. Everyone is in a different stage of transformation and everyone has different needs. Just honor yours!

More discussion on tonight's Discovering Nature's Spirit radio show..7-8:00 pm est (free archives, too, if you need them!)

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