Monday, February 7, 2011

Flow, flexibility and faith

Flow, flexibility and faith are my new 3 favorite words from Spirit. As I watch my own life (and the lives of my clients) spin by, I find being grounded essential. It sometimes feels like a whirlwind. You might even call it chaos at times. So much upheaval. So much change. For everyone. We know in our heart of hearts it's all for the better. But when you are spinning in it it can be hard to gain your footing. And even in the more difficult moments I know everything is really okay. And everything will be okay. And Spirit always reassures this. It comes back to our belief as humans that we must be in control. Which just gets us in trouble and limits our dreams, creations and solutions. Really what we need is to be connected to Spirit and then we need to surrender. The rest will be taken care of once we get out of the way. Mother Nature has been showing this lesson to us here in the NE with tons and tons of snow stuff. Scheduling, work commitments, school functions, and where you thought you were going that day must be released. How can you go with the flow, how can you be more flexible and how is it all leading you back to faith....those are questions you may want to start asking yourself. I know I sure have!

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