Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Raven's World-108

Today's Raven's World is featuring a guest channeler. Monday evening on Discovering Nature's Spirit radio show our guest was Kim Christensen who is an animal healer and intuitive. She brought through wonderful information about animals and then at the end shared an important message directly from the animals. She gave me permission to share it here with all of you. It's a message that hopefully we will continue to share! Be the voice of the animals! Here it is (with a bit of paraphrasing):
The animals' main concern right now is genetically altered plants, seeds and animals DNA. They are worried that we are changing the vibrational frequency within those plants and animals. Then the animals and us are consuming these items which change all of OUR vibrational frequencies. And changing these frequencies can cause world wide dis-harmony and dis-ease in all living things. The animals do not want us to change the Earth's 'song'. They say that the Earth sings a pure vibrational song. The Earth's song should not be what we think it should be. There's a reason the Earth's song is the way it is. They do not want us to change the 'melody'. Mother Earth can take care of Mother Earth. Let her. Do no get in the way.

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