Friday, January 7, 2011

Clearing out and cat issues...

I have been like a woman possessed lately to clear my space. I've been going through old paperwork that piled up filing away what I need and throwing out what I don't. It really feels like all that 'stuff' creates stagnant energy that should not be brought forward in 2011. In 2010 I did a lot of internal 'cleaning house' and now my external space needs to catch up! Feng shui at its best.
When my cat Midnight passed it was with great sadness. He had always been on a special diet because he was prone to crystals in his urine. After many years of vet bills, procedures and antibiotics we discovered that the food was the whole problem. Royal Canin SO for felines was the only food on the planet that gave him health. The problem for me was it was a vet prescribed food and not a holistic one. But what could we do? And it was impossible to feed him one food and the rest of our cat family something different so everyone ate it. After he passed the only upside was I could give my cats a food with whole food nutrition. Then came Tashi into the clan and guess what? Yep, she has urinary issues, too. So Royal Canin is on order and here we go again!!!

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