Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/11--Angelic Guidance for the New Year

Today is bound to be a powerful day. We all know by now that 'ones' signify keeping your thoughts positive so that you can create wonderful things in your life. The Angels for the new year tell me that they want to help us with our 'expectations'. They say that they want to help us to expect the best instead of the worst. Because what we expect does come true for us. It is a time to clear out all that no longer serves you including your negative thought patterns, old beliefs that no longer work, your space and your body. When you come from a place of purity Spirit can work through you to create your dreams. The Angels say that deep changes are quite likely this year. They are helping all of us to live more in alignment with our authentic selves and our purpose here on Earth. That may entail pushing you out of your comfort zone if you have not already moved forward yourself. The Angels are also talking to me for everyone this year to let go more. We as humans have a tendency to want or need to control everything. The more we can surrender this control and allow the Angels to help us, the better our lives will be. When we attempt to decide how our dreams will manifest we limit ourselves. When we allow the Angels to work with us the possibilities are endless and they can bring in so much more for us and in the best way and in the best time. Have faith and go with the flow!

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  1. It sounds it's going to be a good and new year. Full of new possibilities! ^.^