Monday, November 22, 2010

Turkey? day

I usually do not hop up on a soap box, but I have something pressing on my mind and my heart. I would never presume to tell anyone what to do. I sure as heck am no authority. I do not want to take away traditions and family time. But is it possible, to change just a bit? Perhaps have some eggplant Parmesan or a nice dish of your choosing other than a turkey every thanksgiving. Is it possible for all of us to gather with those we love and give thanks without turkey? I'm not necessarily even asking that you give up turkey altogether. Instead, you could have it at random times throughout the year. It's just that as tuned into the animal kingdom as I tend to be, I'm aware of all the turkeys that are bred and killed specifically just so we can have one on our thanksgiving day table every year. And I do not even want to think about the deplorable housing and the ingredients that they are given that are inhumane to them and toxic to us if you are still choosing a conventional turkey. That's a topic for another post... We can even rename it something like Feast Day instead of Turkey day!!


  1. Great idea. For some money isn't possible to have a turkey or a couple may not feel like a large turkey. Thanksgiving is a time to share and that can be done over a cup of tea and perhaps just cookies. Prepare a dinner with what you have available or potluck. It doesn't have to be a turkey. Share love with just being together having conversations certainly takes the stress out of having what people call a traditional dinner. Tradition is sharing time together and saying Thanks for the year.

  2. When I asked what foods said thanksgiving to my family not one of them mentioned turkey - I don't think they would miss it