Monday, November 15, 2010

11/11 and the shifts

I find myself with yet another cleansing cold. And I hear from Spirit that it is all good. I'm to welcome the changes as it is leading to purification. And that is what it is all about. As we move forward at this time, many of us are being called upon to raise our vibrations, shift our energies and welcome in more of our Soul self. Sometimes this is exciting and our manifestations and joys abound. And other times it can be challenging. The 'old' energies that no longer serve us must be released. There are all kinds of potential symptoms that may result as we release the old heaviness and welcome in more of our light body--headaches, various aches and pains, colds, flu, digestive upsets, tiredness, emotional release, just to name a few... For those of you who are with me in the Lightarian programs, these attunements are designed to help you and speed you up on this process of ascension. There are, of course, many other holistic programs out there that can help you and you can work directly with Spirit, too. Meditation and continued communication with your own guidance system is essential for a smooth move, up, so to speak!
Spirit showed me last night that when they help us to raise our vibration or help us 'light-en up' or we receive an attunement or global energy shift alignment, it is much like when the tv repair person comes to fix your tv. For a while, while the fix is going on the tv picture can appear snowy. But once the repair is finished your tv picture will be much more clear, clean and sharper than ever before. You guessed it, you are the tv and Spirit is the repair person.
It's best to embrace it and surrender to the changes as we move from fear and other 3rd dimension energies to love and the 5th dimension energies. For, after all, that's why we are all here!!!

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