Sunday, November 21, 2010

Newest rescue

Here she is, our latest rescue. All of the cats we've ever had have been rescues. And we don't have to go out to shelters and such to find them. Each and every one of them has found us. We've even had sick kittens end up in our driveway. We had a kitten walk out of our woods once and walk up my hubby's side and perch up on his shoulder. And many of you already know Tara's story who lived at The Purple Rose for a while. Seriously, they all come to us. So when the phone rang last week late one night and it was our friend saying a cat had been left behind by one of our tenants, well, we knew it was our latest family member. So, meet Tashi. She's been a bit sick and had to have some minor surgery but she's on the mend now. Very soon she'll be healthy enough to be integrated in with the rest of our furry family members!


  1. It is rather amazing how "things" (people, animals, gifts of all sorts) come into our lives... sometimes we know why and sometimes it's until much, much later when we realize the why.