Monday, April 19, 2010


We all need to find remembrance. Remembering our own connection to Spirit. In my practice of offering readings, I'm often guided to bring through information and messages for people. What I hope to do as well is encourage people to connect to Spirit themselves. No one understands what is best for you better than you. And when you use your sixth sense or your gut instinct or advice from your higher self or from your Angels (however it works for you), your life unfolds gracefully and in your best interest. Spirit recently showed me that when a reader accesses information for you, they are of course reading energy only. Energy is always in motion. And so nothing ever remains the same. Your life, your desires, your journey, your choices are always in motion, too. So when a reader offers you a reading, they are really only taking a snapshot of your life in that moment the reading happens. It is like pausing your life's journey in that one moment. Even in the moment after the reading, the energy is already shifting. So even if it is a good reader and a good reading (which you can tell because it resonates with you), whatever is shared may change. Nothing is ever set in stone. And the power always lies with you. What do you want. What do you want to create. And what is also best for the others involved in your life. Change is constant. But so is our connection to Source.

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