Thursday, April 22, 2010

My new favorite thing

As I've mentioned before I stay away from gluten, soy, dairy, caffeine, meat...which really means I eat pure foods. And one of my last addictions to go has been potato chips. I have moved away from the processed ones to the natural ones. But those pesky Angels still have quite an opinion about that. They tell me every time I crave those potato chip carbs I should eat protein instead. And just as they have been all along my food journey, they are right. If I eat protein when I have that carb craving, I feel soooo much better. And the craving disappears. So this week I have discovered the best of both worlds. It has been so much fun to find, try and make new foods and now I have a new favorite one. They are called Baked Lentil Chips. They are made from beans!!! (lentil, adzuki and garbanzo to be specific) And guess what that means!!! They have protein. 4 grams per serving in fact. And 70% less fat than regular potato chips. And they taste really good, too. Although my pallet may be different from yours having had to make so many changes in the name of health and what's right for my body.

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