Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Time & holidays

With the holidays in the mix, the time is really moving for me lately. This year in particular has just booked by. Which in retrospect is not such a bad thing, since it had quite a few challenges. Work has been busy for which I am always grateful. I want to send a shout out of gratitude to Jess who was our guest on last night's show. I just love to share energy and read with her! We discussed the upcoming holidays and all that they entail from a medium's perspective. Love!!! Well, that's the crux of the matter. Speaking of love we shared a wonderful Saturday night with our family together trimming the tree and feasting on a pot of spaghetti and meatballs. Then Sunday it was a holiday dinner out with friends. While I'm on the topic of the holidays I always wonder why we can't all get along. I watched a story on the news where one of our town schools is banning xmas decorations. I thought wouldn't it be cool if we decorated for all faiths side by side. Remember the large bulletin boards in our elementary schools. We could have xmas next to Hanuka, next to Kwanzaa. And then they were worried about the Jehovah's so they could have a space next in line with their words explaining why they don't celebrate. Making sure that they cover the beliefs of every student in the class. Think of the sharing and acceptance that would foster.

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  1. Oh no, we can't teach the kids about what makes us diverse. Instead we teach them to resent others for not letting them celebrate their traditions whatever they may be.