Sunday, December 20, 2009

"The Flower Speaks"

"The Flower Speaks" is an oracle card deck that incorporates the energy and essences of the flowers, tarot, the beauty and power of nature, Native American shamanism, the divine feminine and astrology in a way that can't help but touch you. The images draw you in and speak to you. If you also have the larger companion book, the language and the poetry within resonate to a deep soul level. I have been using this deck for myself and my clients for quite some time. There is no other work like it and it was part of the inspiration behind my own working and creation of flower essences. Marlene L'Abbe' (formerly Rudginsky) is the author and artist who created "The Flower Speaks" and I am so pleased and excited to announce that she will be my guest tomorrow evening on Discovering Nature's Spirit (7-8 pm EST) on She will be discussing the oracle deck, flower essences, her work as an artist of 30 years and also clearing entities as she is an intuitive reader as well. It's a show not to miss (archives are available as always).

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