Monday, December 29, 2008

The Season is not over

The football season is not over! My new favorite person, chad pennington, actually led my dolphins to the playoffs. It may be a left over christmas miracle. and of course beating his former team, and my archrivals, as a die hard fin fan is a beautiful irony certainly not lost!

The ham was divine with my secret glaze of cloves, brown sugar, honey, oj and mustard. Mom would add pinapple rings, but I forgot them. There was jasmine rice and fresh green beans. The crisp was so good we had it before and after dinner. Some secrets for my fellow gluten/wheat-intolerant readers (or those of you trying to cut down)...use lots of chopped walnuts instead of oats or any other crispy imposter. And if a recipe calls for flour, there is none better than Pamela's gluten-free pancake flour. I use it for all recipes including baking, coating chicken, and of course breakfast. With organic apples and pure maple syrup, the apple crisp is a dessert to be cherished. When my body and my angels showed me how gluten, dairy, soy, and most processed foods did not agree with me anymore (or maybe never really did), dessert was one of the first things I had to let go. But no more~! The best part of dinner was we actually had a son home to eat it with us who could not believe that I was so excited about the ham I was going to talk about it on my blog!!!


  1. hey there is nothing like a good ham on a cold winter's day!! though it wasn't actually cold, was it? happy monday! :)

  2. It was crazy a spring thaw complete with muddy puppy feet...

  3. The ham and the crisp sound wonderful. I have that cookbook on Annie's suggestion - I'll have to look up the crisp recipe.